Main Articles

As usual, an eclectic selection of pieces not included in our dossier but equally fascinating: Straub, Kore-eda, Hugo Santiago, James Gray and more.


New Filmmakers

Not quite “new”, but amazingly talented indeed, our featured filmmaker Jennifer Reeder and young talent Rei Hayama from Japan share their thoughts and words with us for this issue.



Call it eccentricity, or genius. Truth is, Craig Baldwin and José Campusano have given us a couple of the most stimulating interviews ever, and we share them with you.


Dossier: Film Reviews

Not the most obvious choices, but definitely deserving of being analyzed in depth. Our list of favorite obscure film diary films, right from the dossier.


Book Reviews

Revisamos el último libro de Isaac León Frias: El Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano de los Años Sesenta. Entre el Mito Político y la Modernidad Fílmica

desistfilm web log

Our live blog, in which we cover film festivals
and other ocurrences around the world


Our Top 50

As we’ve grown tired of the old canon we see everywhere, we decided to act on our impulses and make a stand with our own personal choices. Here are the results.


Issue 001

Film reviews from our main dossier: Another History in Experimentation: Cinema on the Periphery in Post Cold War Europe.


Issue 002

Film reviews from our main dossier: Underground, independent and experimental Japanese cinema (and more).