About Us

desistfilm: online film journal

Directors: Mónica Delgado / José Sarmiento Hinojosa

Editorial Committee:  Nicole Brenez, (France), Therese Grisham (United States), Adrian Martin (Australia).

Staff: Nicolás Carrasco, Pablo Gamba, Tara Judah, Morella Moret, Aldo Padilla, Andreea Patru, Ivonne Sheen, Claudia Siefen.

Collaborating Writers: Anne Wakefield Hoyt, Alonso Castro Gutiérrez, Pamela Biénzobas, David S. Blanco, Carlos Rentería, Lauren Bliss, Julian Ross,Victor Bruno, Juan Carlos Lemus, Tristan Teshigahara Pollack, Tess L. Takahashi, Pamela Cohn, Rebecca Naughten, Ricardo Adalia Martín, Narda Liotine, Tanner Tafelski, Enrique Méndez, Victor Guimarães, Jaime Grijalba, Geraldine Salles Kobilanski, Lucas Saporosi, José Carlos Cabrejo, Adelmo Dunghe, John A. Riley, Vassilis Economou, CS Leigh, Wiwat Lertwiwatwongsa, Julie Grossman, Sarah Nichols, Catherine Jessica Beed, Almudena Escobar López, Go Hirasawa, Daisuke Akasaka.

Webmaster: Enrique Ortiz.

Desistfilm, although being a multilingual and international platform, is a unique experience in our country, Peru.

We started as a gathering of friends from different parts of the world, friends who met via social networks and film forums. We haven’t actually (until today) even met in person, never actually seen each other without a computer screen as a mediator.

We are people who got to know each other via Skype, chat and emails. People with whom we have shared and debated about our main passion and interest: true cinema. Cinema as a poetic object, as a unique, magical experience.

It’s not just about meeting people who can send articles or essays back and forth: at desistfilm, almost  like magic, film lovers gathered, people with a deep desire and passion for developing a project of serious film journalism and criticism. The seed came from Peru. Now it’s all over the world. And that’s the greatest gratification for us.

We hope you can join us in this strange journey through the unexplored fields of cinema. Enjoy your stay.