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Kurdish Lover (2010) By José Sarmiento Hinojosa Today, it becomes fundamental to talk about the works of Clarisse Hahn. Few people in the history of cinema have blended the corporeality of the individual, the mere essence of the body, as a political statement and an ontological reality of certain societies within the confines of power […]


Por Mónica Delgado

El cineasta donostiarra Mikel Zatarain (España, 1983) es el autor de un universo con un lenguaje cinematográfico maduro, pese a contar en su trayectoria con un grupo de cortometrajes. Más bien, sin la promesa del largometraje a cuestas, ha sabido prolongar con sus trabajos el uso del tiempo, el fuera de campo, el paisaje como totalidad difusa, el uso del sonido como otro curso de la narración disociado del acto inmediato de ver.


By Mónica Delgado

Keiko Tsuruoka is a 25 year old filmmaker who made her first feature film less than a year ago. Its title is Town of Whales, a story of adolescence and melancholia in post-earthquake Japan. Tsuruoka is still in the process of studying film in Tokyo, where she made her first short film Tsutomete no kaeramichi (2009). With her first feature, this young filmmaker evidences a style that seeks to capture the details of the juvenile sensibility between a group of three friends, from the city to the suburbs, from love to indifference, from closeness to distance.


By Narda Liotine

Jan Philippe “JP” V. Carpio (Manila, Philippines) is a self-taught writer, filmmaker and performer living in Metro Manila, Philippines. He has been making films for over a decade and has written and directed several shorts and three feature length films shot on video: Girl of My Dreams (2000), Balay Dakû (2002), Hilo (thread)(2007). He is a National Commission for Culture and the Arts Cinema Grant Recipient for the first full length film in the Ilonggo language Balay Dakû, and many other awards. He is a believer and practitioner in cross training between the different art forms, having collaborated and performed with “Actors’ Pleygrawnd” and with dancer Vanni Liwanag. He currently teaches film and mass communication subjects at St. Paul University Manila and at the School of Design and Arts College of St. Benilde. He has also become a staff member of desistfilm.