Photo: Mina Blumenfield

A few weeks ago, the Curtocircuito Film Festival in Santiago de Compostela took place. In this venue, French filmmaker F.J. Ossang participated with a retrospective of his work. From that stay we share his answers to this Proust questionnaire.

My favorite virtue

My character’s main feature
Distraction/the capacity of not hearing anything.

My main quality

The quality I prefer most in humans

The quality I prefer most in animals
Their brutal side.

My main defect

What I appreciate more in my friends’ house
Good wine.

Most unforgettable time in my life
Mis Satoris in Kapchagaï (Kazajistan), then in Chile, the route between Valparaiso and the Central Mountain Range, and in Primorsky Krai. Also the Jean Vigo award (2007) and the Locarno Leopard for my birthday (2017).

My main occupation
Not doing anything.

My happiness dream
Not hearing anything.

What would be my greatest disgrace?
Not being able to see.

Besides me, who would I want to be?
Other people.

Where would I like to live?
Away, far away from the generalized digitization of the world.

My favorite color
The orange which is next to fluorescent and blue.

A flower I like
The cacti flower.

A bird I prefer
Crows, owls, hawks, eagles, blackbirds… all the birds.

My favorite authors
André Biély, Edgar Allan Poe, Louis Ferdinand Céline.

My favorite poets
François Villon, Antonin Artaud, Georg Trakl.

My fiction heroes
Hannibal, Zapata, Ungern, Pierre François Lacenaire.

My fiction female héroes

My favorite composers
Gabriel Fauré, Shostakóvich, Wagner.

The singers I love
Iggy & the Stooges, Richard Hell, Joe Strummer, Yma Sumac, W.S. Burroughs.

My favorite painters
Delacroix, Turner, Caspar David Friedrich, Malévich.

Mis favorite filmmakers
S.M. Eisenstein, Jean Vigo, Murnau, Orson Welles, Buster Keaton, Josef von Sternberg,

Mis bedside films
Mr Arkadin, The Shanghai Gesture, Nosferatu, À propos de Nice, Iván the Terrible I & II.

My real life heroes
Jimmy Button. The Alakalufs natives from Tierra del Fuego. Joseph Emperaire has written about them his magnificent “Nómades del Mar” (Nomads of the sea, Gallimard, sold out).

Mis real life heroines
Joan d’Arc, for her services to cinema.

My favorite foods and drinks
Toasts with butter, caviar, wild salmon, oysters, nopal, vodka. I have a great admiration for the sword fish and the sturgeon.

What I hate above all
Uniformity/ The ideologists.

The military facts I consider more often
The huge failures that defy every tale of victory.
A defeated man that ends up writing history.

The quote I consider the most
“Qui ne préfère pas la forme aux couleurs est un lâche” (William Blake).

The political tendency nearest to me
Revolutionary individualism.

A gift of nature I wish I had

How would I like to die

The actual state of my spirit
Aware that everything can and must disappear /And at the same time, the light…

The guilt that most inspires my indulgence
My liking of drunkenness.

My motto

Words registered by Nicole Brenez
Santiago de Compostela
Sunday, October 8th, 2017
Requested by Pela de Alamo
Thanks a lot to Elvire